Kibble Topper Tuesdays

Kibble Topper Tuesday: Yogurt

It’s Tuesday, which means another excellent kibble topping recommendation from The BarkChef Team. Each week, we’re giving our suggestions on wonderful ways to supplement your floofer’s food. Today, we’re spotlighting another dog-approved people provision: yogurt.

High in calcium and protein, yogurt is rich in probiotics and a great meal additive for your pupper. When feeding your dog yogurt, look for options with lots of active live-cultures – they’ll help Fido’s tummy break down the lactose present in yogurt and encourage good gastrointestinal health.

Also, be keen to the yogurt’s listed ingredients and pick one without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Added sweeteners are bad for doggos, and some are even toxic, like xylitol. Choose a low or nonfat yogurt selection, and add a light spoonful to Spot’s kibble to pack a nutritional punch and help him stay full longer.        

However, feeding your pup yogurt can be tricky – some dogs may have trouble digesting the dairy. Dogs aren’t really built to process lactose after they’re weaned off their mother’s milk. However, yogurt contains significantly less lactose than milk because it’s fermented. Some dogs will love yogurt, but for other more lactose-intolerant woofers, it can cause gas, diarrhea or vomiting. Test the waters by giving your doggo a small spoonful of yogurt and monitor if he reacts. If he doesn’t have any of the previously mentioned symptoms, Buddy should be fine to have yogurt as a treat now and then.   

Before making yogurt a consistent kibble topper for your dog, have a chat with your veterinarian to see if yogurt will be the right choice for your specific pup and discuss the proper serving sizes for him.