Kibble Topper Tuesdays

Kibble Topper Tuesday: Blueberries

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! That’s right folks, it’s time for another exciting round of kibble toppers for your favorite pooch. This week, the BarkChef team is bringing you the scoop on blueberries!



This low-calorie, high-fiber “superfood” will get your best four-legged friend really wagging their tail. Blueberries are high in antioxidants, that can help strengthen your pup’s immune system by fighting off cellular damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants in blueberries are especially beneficial for older canines too. Studies have found antioxidants can help improve memory and brain functions in elderly puppers. Trying to teach your puppy tricks? Blueberries can improve Spot’s cognitive functions, helping him learn and retain more moves he can show off to his friends at the park.


Vitamin C

It’s a ruff world out there. Even our dogs are not immune to stress. Pollution, loud noises and separation can cause man’s best friend undue discomfort. Luckily though, blueberries pack a powerful punch of Vitamin C that can help calm your pooch. The symptoms of emotional and physical stress (such as shaking, decrease in appetite, and abnormal shedding) can be reduced by adding blueberries to their diet. The benefits of Vitamin C from blueberries  don’t stop there. Adding Vitamin C rich foods into your pup’s diet can help prevent respiratory infections and even cancer down the road. If your friend’s coat isn’t looking like what it used to, or perhaps Lassie has a summer-time skin infection, blueberries are the answer. Vitamin C was once a pirate’s cure to scurvy.  Now, Vitamin C helps keep your dog’s coat looking sharp all year round.


Dog Approved!

The best part? Dogs love it! If your doggo loves a crunch to their snack, try freezing your blueberries. Frozen blueberries last longer than fresh blueberries and give your pet a treat for weeks to come! (Psst––we won’t tell if you sneak one or two for yourself). Blueberries are fantastic as a stand-alone treat or sprinkled on top of kibble. However, if you want to reward your good boy with an extra special frozen blueberry treat, we have one that they will surely love! Bonus: it’s simple and quick to make–– meaning you spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside playing fetch!


Ingredients you will need:

½ cup of blueberries (frozen or fresh)

½ cup of plain yogurt

2 tablespoons of honey


To whip up a quick batch, toss all ingredients in a blender and hit puree! Scoop the mixture into an ice tray and let that freeze for 5  to 6 hours. Before you know it––voillà, you’re done! Enhance your pupper’s palate with a healthy, easy and affordable treat that will have your dog begging for more.


The American Kennel Club and dogs agree: blueberries should make a visit to your furry friend’s dinner bowl. If you have any questions or concerns before adding this superfood kibble topper to your pup’s plate, chat with your local veterinarian. Bone appétit!