Frequently Asked Questions

Food & Ingredients

What is a transitional box?

Something better than table scraps and fatty treats. When you order, the first box is a transitional box that comes with a BarkChef travel feeding bowl and a step by step transition guide. There are no extra steps for you either. Just open and serve. It’s easier that way.

How does BarkChef compare to big brand kibble?

Well, we’re better. We start with a base blend that offers all the benefits of your typical big brand kibble, and then pile on fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins for more nutrients than you’d find in aisle two.

Is there a box for dogs over 55 pounds?

Not right now, but soon. Very soon. If there’s more to love, there’s more to ship. We’re currently only shipping for food dogs under 55 pounds, but we’re working on a plan for your gentle giant that will be available soon.

How do I know which box to order?

You don’t have to know. That’s the best part. Just tell us all about your dog in our questionnaire, and we’ll do the rest. Using your pooch’s breed, age, weight, and activity level, we customize your box to your unique dog. Of course you can pick the protein as well if you know what your dog prefers.

How do I determine my dog’s ideal weight?

You should always consult your veterinarian if unsure what your dog's ideal weight is. There are some online resources as well that can help let you know if your dog is pleasantly plump or furry and fit. We like:

What are the protein options?

Chicken, salmon & lamb. All are lean proteins that support the muscle mass of your particular pooch, and promote a healthy coat and energy levels. And they’re tasty. Trust us. There’s no wrong choice.

​How much should I feed my dog?

​Here at BarkChef, we have one goal: make super-healthy, perfectly-portioned food for our four-legged friends. If your monthly box contains both breakfast and dinner packets, feed your dog an entire packet twice per day. If you particular pup is on the smaller side, you’ll receive only breakfast packets. Make sure your pooch is getting the proper portions by splitting one pouch per day. Half for breakfast, half for dinner. Or, if your dog only eats once per day, feel free to feed them all at once. Whatever works best for your best friend.

Shipping & Delivery

When am I billed for BarkChef?

Just like any subscription service, your credit or debit card will be charged before your monthly order ships. So, each month you’ll receive a confirmation for your order with all the tracking info you’ll need to keep up with your shipment.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please contact customer support at 800-626-BARK to cancel your subscription.

How often will I receive BarkChef?

Most likely you will receive BarkChef once per month. For some larger dogs, 2 shipments may be required based on the weight of the dog food. Either way, you end up with the same amount of meals and one happy dog.

What’s included in each box?

Each monthly box will contain a month's supply of food, a fun treat and toy, and bandana. For members that receive 2 boxes per month, the treat, toy and bandana will be included in the first box.

Where can I buy BarkChef?

BarkChef subscriptions are sold and managed entirely through our website so there’s no running to the store or comparing brands...just good food when you need it.

Can I postpone, skip or cancel my order anytime?

Our shipment is currently offered monthly or bi-monthly with flexibility to postpone, skip, or cancel anytime by contacting us! If you would like to make any changes, please contact us before the next box is shipped and we will make best efforts to accommodate those changes.

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