Training Tips

9 Awesome Dog Hacks For a Happy Pup

Everyone loves a good life-hack. Here are nine useful tips to improve both you and your pup’s life.

  1. We love our dogs, but we don’t always love their breath. To promote good dog breath, sprinkle parsley into your dog’s dinner to naturally freshen up his mouth.
  2. Sometimes our dogs have accidents. When they do, use baking soda to remove urine from your carpet and avoid a stain.
  3. Protect your power cords! Spray lemon water on a paper towel and wipe down any chargers or electrical cords. Your doggo will hate the taste, and it might save your cell phone charger from getting mangled.
  4. If your dog eats his food too quickly, place a tennis bowl in his food bowl. It will force him to slow down, and will also cut down on any unwanted gas as a result.
  5. Use a wet rubber glove to clean up dog hair. Run your gloved hand over your couch, bed spread, or carpet and watch the hair magically lift away.
  6. Even dogs need to protect their skin. Put vaseline on your dog’s paws to protect them from drying and cracking in the extreme heat or cold.
  7. Studies show classical music is soothing to animals. Next time your dog seems anxious, play some Mozart or Beethoven to calm him down.
  8. Does your doggo get upset when he hears thunder? Usually, it’s the electric charge in the air that’s bothering him. You can use dryer sheets to calm your pup during a storm by giving them a good rub.

Try one of these tricks so you can love your dog longer. We hope they help!