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5 Activities To Do With Your Dog Before the End of Summer

August is here, which means summer is beginning to wind down. If you’re like us, you’ll want to take advantage of the warm air and long days by taking your dog with you on a few summer adventures. Make the most of the sunshine with our picks for 5 great activities to do with your dog before the end of the season.


1. Go on a road trip together

Nothing is better than a road trip with your best bud by your side, and dogs make the best co-pilots. If your pup likes long car rides, this could be the perfect bonding opportunity. Be sure to find hotels that are dog-friendly when planning your ultimate summer road trip and find activities en-route that you’ll both enjoy – like the ones listed below!


2. Take Buddy to the beach

Let your dog soak up the sun with a beach day. Plan a picnic full of doggy snacks and find a dog-friendly beach where you can let your pupper off the leash. Your woofer will love roaming free and spending quality time with you outdoors – bonus points if you jump in the ocean together.


3. Bring Fido to the Farmer’s market

What’s nicer than perusing organic, fair-trade fruits than doing it with your dog trotting beside you? Farmers markets happen every weekend during the summer and are great opportunities for your dog to socialize and smell new things. Also, dogs make great wingmen – Fido could be your key to breaking the ice if you happen to meet that special someone while waiting (begging) for a peach sample.  


4. Take your dog camping

It’s the opportune time to spend a blissful weekend camping with your doggo. Do your research to find a state or national park campsite that will accommodate dogs so you can explore nature with your pup. Understand the campsites’ leash regulations before you set out on your camping crusade. Also, make sure to apply flea and tick medication to Spot, and that he’s up-to-date on vaccines before venturing into the wild.


5. Go to the park

Taking your dog to the park is a great way to spend a summer evening. If you can find a nearby dog park, your dog will love frolicking amongst other puppers while you chat with other fellow dog owners.

It’s important to carve out quality time with your pup. Make the most of summer and spend your days in the sun with your favorite furry friend.