3 Simple Steps to a Healthier Dog!

Transitioning to a ealthy diet might come as a shock to some dogs, especially if they have grown accustomed to the taste of fatty dog foods. We’ve included a few simple steps you can use to kick off your dog’s new healthy diet!

Portion Size:

The fact is this: most dogs are over-fed. Overfeeding your dog can lead to obesity and future health problems. Portion control is the solution to combating the epidemic of canine obesity. But how do you know if you are feeding your furry friend the right portions? That’s where BarkChef comes in!  It can be difficult to decide portions by yourself because of the multiple factors that need to be taken into account. Let the experts at BarkChef determine that for you!

Our proportion pros at BarkChef consider your dog’s age, weight, breed, and whether or not they have been spayed or neutered. BarkChef grain-free pre-portioned meals are ready to be served as soon as it arrives at your home. Just rip and pour the entire bag into your doggie’s bowl! It’s that simple–if your dog had opposable thumbs, they would do it themselves.

Kibble Topper:

Have you checked out our drool-worthy Kibble Topper Tuesdays? From blueberries to sweet potatoes these kibble toppers will make you want to have a nibble (we won’t tell). While these kibble toppers are remarkably tasty, they also provide important hidden benefits. Foods high in antioxidants and that are high in fiber can keep your best buddy’s digestive system top-notch and help prevent future illness. As always, ask your local veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns.


What did you have to eat yesterday for lunch? Can you imagine if you had to have the same food every single day? Don’t subjugate your dog to dog-gone boring meals! Nutritionally speaking, by rotating through a few different munchies for your pooch, they will benefit more from a fully rounded diet. Our dog food is not only nutritionally-loaded (including high fiber, protein, antioxidants, Omega – 3 and Omega -6), our ingredients come from local growers or trusted farmers in New Zealand! Every single bite of BarkChef’s  pre-portioned meals was carefully planned to be both nutritious and tail-wagging delicious!

Final Re-Barks:

We know you love your dogs, trust us we’ve seen your Instagram! Show how much you love them by feeding them the healthy food they deserve. Practice these habits now so you can help prevent or combat the widespread epidemic of canine obesity. Make these habits part of dog’s daily routine; they will thank you for it!