BarkChef has ceased operation

Love Your
Dog Longer

With traditional dry food measured with a scoop, dogs are overfed by 20%! The answer is simple. If you love your dog, feed it well.

Open and Serve

No measuring and no puppy dog eyes. Just open the pouch and pour to ensure perfect portions every time. Whether it’s coming from you, your forgetful fifth grader, or the ditzy dog walker.

Best In Chow

BarkChef delivers perfectly portioned nutritious meals with lean proteins, all natural fiber, wholesome carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals for your fancy floofer.

No Fetching

BarkChef is a monthly service that delivers perfectly portioned nutritious meals directly to your door so you can say good riddance to the last minute trips to the store and big bags of corporate chow.

Better than
a belly rub